About Us

Who We Are

ELRA’s mission is to provide federal student loan borrowers an informed pathway to access affordable federal repayment plans through one-on-one counseling at no cost.

ELRA is a philanthropic service which is funded by MOHELA to offer no cost one-on-one counseling services to all federal student loan borrowers that contact us.

What We Do

Education Loan Repayment Advisors provides one-on-one counseling and assistance with document preparation to help educate federal student loan borrowers about ways to more easily manage their student loan debt. We explore ways to lower monthly payments and how to avoid the costly consequences of loan delinquency and default. Advisors are here to listen to federal student loan borrowers’ concerns and to provide valuable advice about repayment options.

Why We Have This Service

Many companies charge for services to assist with a Direct Loan consolidation, documentation preparation or applying for a lower student loan payment amount. At no charge to the borrower, ELRA provides services to make federal student loan borrowers aware of their rights, repayment options and benefits. ELRA is committed to making sure that federal student loan borrowers understand that they do not need to pay for these services that Federal Servicers are obligated to provide. We also encourage borrowers to contact their Federal Servicer for free assistance.

Under the Presidential Memorandum – Student Aid Bill of Rights, every student in America should:

  1. Have access to a high-quality, affordable higher education.
  2. Be able to easily find the resources you need to pay for college.
  3. Be able to choose an affordable repayment plan for your student loans.
  4. Receive quality customer service, reliable information and fair treatment when repaying loans.